Because Your Users Should Never Be Your Testers.

Features: Our Commitment to Simple, Powerful Tools

Our mission is to deliver essential tools without over-complicating the user experience. We strive for simplicity, integrating all the necessary features with the best user experience (UX) in mind. Here’s how we stand out:

Simultaneous Checks
Monitor your website’s uptime every minute from multiple geographic locations for increased accuracy and reliability.
One Year History Retention
Store your monitoring data for up to 1 year and access it at any time either as a list or through the aggregated data charts.
Configurable HTTP Requests
Get the most out of the monitoring checks through fully configurable HTTP/s requests.
Content Match
Check for keywords to verify that the critical information is present on your webpage.
Event Log
Access the complete list of monitoring events to assist you in root cause analysis.
Advanced Notification Policies
Configure notification policies that meet your fault tolerance and get notified through email, SMS or webhook when major issues occur.
Enhanced Data Visualization
Get complete performance overview for your website through detailed charts showing the low level socket measurements, such as DNS, Wait, Download, TCP and First Byte.
Change Detection
Automatically monitor and identify changes in response data across your services. This feature compares snapshots from consecutive monitoring checks across all locations.